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In certain cases, I am willing to accept your Scrap Gold and give you a credit towards your purchases.

The Chart below can help you figure what your Scrap Gold is worth at trade in. You will need to know the Weight and the Karat Content (10K,14K,18K,etc.) of your Gold. If you do not know the weight of your gold, you can usually find out a ballpark weight on a Postal Scale at your local Post Office. But please, be discreet, and don't go flashing your scrap Gold around in public, for your own security, ok?

If you want to contact me about trading in your scrap Gold for Credit on my work, please Email me,and I'll help guide you through the process.

Tip: There are two different ways to spell Karat / Carat. And they have different meanings.

Karat is a measure of Ratio, and Carat is a measure of Weight. Karat is used to determine the amount of Pure Gold in a piece. For example, Pure Gold is 24 Karat. 18Karat Gold is 18/24ths (75%) Pure Gold, and the rest is alloy (usually Silver and Copper) used to make the gold better suited for use in jewelry. 14Karat Gold is 14/24ths (58.3%), 10Karat Gold is 10/24ths (41.66%) and on and on.

Carat, on the other hand, is how Gemstones are weighed. One Carat is 1/5 of a Gram. There are 100 Points in a Carat. So, a 1 Carat Diamond, or other Gemstone weighs 1/5 of a Gram. A 10 Point (.10 ct) Diamond weighs 1/10 of a Carat.


Scrap Gold Conversion Chart


Calculate the value of your Scrap Gold

Using our scrap calculator allows you to figure an estimated scrap value for your karat gold. You will need to enter the current spot price of gold in the box below, then enter in pennyweights (dwt.) the amount of each type of karat gold you wish to obtain scrap value for. There are 20 Pennyweights in a Troy Ounce and 31.1 Grams in a Troy Ounce. Therefore, 20 Pennyweights equals 31.1 Grams.

You will need the Weight and the Karat Content (14k, 18k, etc) of the Gold.

These are the estimated values you can expect to receive when you submit your scrap to us for trade in.

Please note: the values provide by this site are estimated based on the current spot market price of gold. In certain market situations, the price of spot gold may rise or fall faster than can be calculated. Please call us if you have any questions regarding the sale of your scrap gold.

CONVERT FROM                      CONVERT TO                      MULTIPLY BY

Grams                                      Pennyweights                     0.643

Pennyweights                          Grams                                 1.555


31.1 Grams (1 Oz) X 0.643  =    20 Pennyweights (1 Oz.)

20 Pennyweights (1 Oz.) X 1.555 = 31.1 Grams (1 Oz)


Enter approximate Gold Spot Price $: Link to Current Spot Gold Price


Amount (Dwts. Only)



x (Gold Spot Price x .01035) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .01223) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .01422) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .02025) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .02259) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .02505) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .02845) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .03249) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .03487) 


x (Gold Spot Price x .03804) 





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