How to Buy a Diamond

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The Following articles are provided for your perusal by the GIA - Gemological Institute of America, the undisputed world leader in Diamond and Gemstone Information.

Diamonds: 3 Basic Steps to Buying a Diamond

Diamonds: Engagement Rings Through the Ages

Factoids: Diamonds

Caring for JewelryWhat You Need to Know

TurquoiseAn Ancient Gem With Modern Panache

The Holiday for Lovers is the Perfect Time for the Gift of Jewelry

A New Outlook on Men's Jewelry

More Women Buying Jewelry as Gifts for Themselves

Diamonds: How to Buy a Diamond for Valentine's Day: 3 Basic Steps

Red Gems are Hot for Valentine's Day

The Magical Powers of Gemstones

Tips for Purchasing Estate Jewelry

Pearls Can Make the Fashion World Your Oyster








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