Work recognized as definitive in its field, manifested in the Art, Architecture, and Literature throughout earth's history. Marked by emphasis on Form, Simplicity, Proportion and Restraint.     

Welcome to The World of The Tapley Collection

I'd like to invite you on a bit of a journey that I call my life. You will, of course see only small parts, but what you will see is some of the best I have to offer. I always wanted to live as if I could end up writing a book. This will be my book, and my movie preview, and my art gallery. This will be more true to my plans for my store than my old brick and mortar store ever was. This one is marble, and stone, and precious metal. And digital expression. Now that I've said that, and have begun writing, I realize that many who visit this sight may be more interested in shopping than in reading, and since my object is to invite you in, I don't want to chase you away.


Alert! In Hawaii, we have something called "Talk Story". That is, when you get together and just hang out with friends and shoot the breeze. Most of the Icons on the Map above will take you to pages of me Talking Story. If you are interested in what I have to say, play with the Icons on the map above. If you just want to view Fine Jewelry, Collectables, and many other images of items offered for sale, stick with the Green and Yellow Navigation Buttons on the left.

Prices! There is a Price List Index Page. The Index is mostly for prices on my extensive collection of Mens and Ladies Wedding Bands. You won't see prices on a lot of other pieces, at least not for now. There are thousands of images of Fine Jewelry, Art, and Collectables and if you hover your cursor over them, you will be able to identify them. Then, email me with any questions. I will be fair and reasonable with you. I will offer you outstanding service and exceptional quality. And I guarantee all my work. If you would like references, just ask. If you would like to add a testimonial, I'll set up a testimonials page for that. There is no correct way to navigate this site. You can just browse anywhere you want.  This Page is Home. And the Column on the Left represents Form and Structure and Strength. It will lead you anywhere you like and it will bring you safely Home.

Just by visiting this site, you are eligible for dramatic discounts on most of the products that I offer, and can easily qualify for more exclusive values. I won't offer you family values. That's nobody's business but yours.

I will offer you Mythology, and History, and Geology. The Stone will be Romanced. The Fires will be Stoked.

There are also Palm Trees swaying.



Please feel free to email me with any questions you have regarding any information or products you see on this website.

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Important Acknowledgement:

I've had this vision for a website in my head for several years. While the vision is far from complete, this work in progress would not exist but for the talent, patience, kindness, understanding and general good humor of my friend, Gill Brooks. You can go around the world and whenever you hear someone say, "He's da Man!", they're talking about Gill.