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Fine Designer Cabinet and Drawer Pulls are made from the "Atlantis Collection".

Imagine your Kitchen, Bedroom, or Bathroom Cabinets each with a different Scene of Classical Art.

I've moved beyond the Fine Art Jewelry pieces of Reflections of Antiquity to bring you The Atlantis Collection. Each Knob is carefully and lovingly created in Bronze, Copper or Pewter, with special orders considered in Silver and Gold.

The Classical images are based on my extensive collection of 200 Year Old plaster Cameos, several of which are displayed in the Slide Show to the left. You can choose which characters or scenes you would like, and I will make them for you. The edge of each piece has a pattern derived from the True Classics Collection of Decorative Art Designs, such as the Laurel, Rolling Wave (Wailea), or Greek Fret Key (Santorini).


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