Reflections of Antiquity





Gemstone Obverse


"We can in Greatness of Mind or of Body be like the Immortals, Though we know not to what Goals by Day or in the Nights Fate has Written that we Shall Run."

- Pindar (522-443 B.C.)


Ahh... Reflections of Antiquity!

This is where it all starts to come together for me. This is where I got lucky.

When I was a child, and to me that means up to age 15. Before 15 was a time of innocence for me, and after 15 was the beginning of adulthood, although of course, it took a long time to get there. Before 15, I lived in a house with a family intact that was like a small museum, and my father was The Curator. Although the paradox of his life that at this time he worked in a plastics factory, his real love was studying, trading, buying and selling Antiques, Artifacts and Antiquities.

Oops...Gotta Go. To Be Continued...







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