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This is my name for this Collection of Fine Jewelry that was originally Designed and Created by John David Stanton. David was and is an extremely talented artist, although he would not like me saying that. Therefore, in this description of his work and how it relates here, I will keep the kudos at a minimum. David was born in Wyoming and the last time I spoke with him, I believe he said he was 82 or so. I know he also spent time in Hawaii, and also a lot of time in Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, which was Frank Lloyd Wright's Center which included residential spaces, theaters, a shop, and an architectural studio and drafting room. However, according to legend, David was much closer to Mrs. Wright at the time.

When I met David, he owned a jewelry store at 743 Bridgeway in Sausalito, California, in Marin County, at the Northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge across the Bay from San Francisco. He had started his store around 1967 or so in the middle of  the Summer of Love. His work was the definitive "Sausalito Look" and in a town that became known for it's Jewelry and Art Galleries, John David's work was the style the other jewelers copied. I met him in 1982, and would meet him at the bar with no name in Sausalito, and we would sit and talk and discover just how much we had in common. When David decided to retire from retail, He called me to ask if I would take over his store. I immediately agreed, and we worked out a deal which included his molds, patterns, and all the rights to reproduce his designs. Since many of the molds were old or in deteriorating condition. I was then able to inject wax into the molds, and recreate all his designs and make all new molds, which I'm using still. I am the only jeweler authorized to make and sell the Designs of John David Stanton.

All of David's designs have a timeless quality to them, which has made it easy for me to incorporate his designs seamlessly into The Tapley Collection.

And I am forever grateful.

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