Nouveau Aqua

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Nouveau Aqua

The Designs in Nouveau Aqua are so named for terms associated with elements of the Sea or Ocean. Winds, Currents, Waves, Tides, Resort Areas, Beaches, and an occasional Explorer or two.

These rings are extremely well made, and very comfortable. One thing that quite often sets Nouveau Aqua apart from other collections in The Tapley Collection is that most, but not all of these designs, may be pierced out. By that I mean there are openings in the rings where you can see through the rings to the finger.

You will also see in the photos of the available designs, rings that have black enamel backgrounds to them, and other rings that appear to have a softer brushed finish to the background. It is your choice of having me do either a sandblasted background or a Black Enamel background.

Here is how to decide. The Design is the same. Sandblasted background is more SUBTLE, and Black Enamel shows the Design as more BOLD. The price is the same for each. If you're still not certain, go for the sandblasted background. I can always add the Black later, but it's harder to get out once it's in.

The Black is very durable. I've done a lot of experimenting, from Gold Oxidizers, to Black Rhodium Plating. This special Jeweler's Baked on enamel paint is the best I've found, and as long as you don't use powerful chemicals all the time, or do heavy gardening without gloves, it will last a very long time.


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