Art of the Celts

First of all, it's Kel'Tik, or at least that's the preferred pronunciation. To my understanding there was no soft 'C' in the Celtic Languages. Of course, don't try to tell that to basketball fans from Boston. The word 'Celt' is derived from the Greek name for "barbarians" living in Europe - 'Keltoi'

There is not, and never has been such a thing as a Celtic Race, a Celtic Nation, or a Celtic Empire. The nearest to group identity that Celts ever came was probably the sense of belonging to a particular tribe, clan, or kingdom (in post-Roman Centuries).

In commonly accepted usage, the term 'Celtic Art' is applied both to the art produced in Eurpoe between the Fifth Century B.C. and the First Century A.D. by Iron Age peoples who are usually labeled 'Celts', and the art produced in Britain and Ireland between the Fifth and the Twelfth Centuries A.D.  (*Some material is from 'Art of the Celts', by Lloyd and Jennifer Laing - 1992 Thames and Hudson Ltd, London)


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