Shop for Jewelry


  1. I need highest quality images of everything for sale. [I prefer one email with 20 images more than 20 emails with 1 image] Name them something relevant.jpg
  2. I would also like 15 or 20 to make a gallery of samples, if they are among the for sale ones, just identify them in their name as such with some short code like gal at the end of the name
  3. Make sure your PayPal account is a business accout [upgrade it if needed -it’s free]. When ready send me the user email address and password for it. In the email don’t say here is my PP pw, just send it, I will know what it is]
  4. . I need 25-30 key words or phrases [a phrase being 3 words or less] that people might use if they were trying to find you on Google.
  5. I also need 25-30 word description of why someone should click on the link to your site when looking at the results of a Google search. This will be the paragraph that displays under your link.  I will enter these as meta-tags to help your site to be discovered by search engines.

    Call me with questions    Aloha Gill